The new doctor takes his residence in the ship, he sets his laboratory in the rear storage area (5). The last few weeks have been quiet, spending your free time back on ‘The Wheel’ the crew spends time relaxing and spending credits as they live their lives. Eventually a message was left on the your data pads. Another wealthy Imperial is looking to buy a shipment of spice and who is also eager to aid the Rebel Alliance. The news channels of the galaxy have been reporting on the speed in which the rebellion has been gaining momentum. Ord Mantel has been ravaged in conflict since the Rebels there have acquired enough weapons to contest the Imperial rule. The Empire is working to discover the location of the remnants of the Rebel fleet before thy gain more influence. Rumours of the return of the Jedi have risen among the populace, of course the Imperials deny all accusations of the return of the Jedi. More interestingly is the change of Imperial regiments across the galaxy as Stormtroopers have readopted the coloured stripes of there old Clone brethren. The Empire seemed to have decreased there recruitment efforts yet more and more troops get deployed every day. Popular opinion is the Galactic Empire has returned to breeding clones.


Edge of The Empire

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